Relive the best scientific moments of the VCR2023 congress! Starting from April 10th, every fifteen days, we will broadcast on Okyo the most important clinical cases shown during the congress organized and directed by Lucio Buratto and Vittorio Picardo. Together, we will explore the most innovative techniques in refractive and cataract surgery and learn how to address possible complications during surgery, with the best Italian and international surgeons. Don’t miss this opportunity, and if you haven’t already, register for free on Okyo: you will have access not only to the VCR2023 content but also to thousands of other contributions already available on the platform!

By registering, you will receive via email the access link to the VCR2023 session that will be published each time, so you won’t risk missing out on the episode.

Remember, it all starts on April 10th!