Okyo.eu is a new online platform that will broacast live surgery, webinars and presentations. It will also collect one of the largest historical ophthalmic’s video surgery archive world wide.

The aim is to offer a wide range of training videos in order to provide the best knowledge resource for young and expert ophthalmologists.

Okyo will be at no-cost for everyone, a free subscription is required to access the contents. You can use all videos, for non-commercial purposes.
Contents will be available for free under the Creative Common License NC-ND, so please pay attention and respect the rules.

Okyo is a concept created by Lucio and Julien Buratto (Italy), sponsored by Neovision Cliniche Oculistiche.

You are welcome to send and share your contents to our medical committee that will evaluate contents to be publishied. We can broadcast also live surgery events and interviews and we are open to new ideas..

The committee is a panel of well known ofhthalmic specialists that will evaluate all contents in order to be consistent with the intents of Okyo.

The owner of okyo.eu is the company Neovision Holding SRL based in Milano, Via Cartesio 2, VAT: IT11329930017

VCR 2023 is the name of the medical congress organized by Lucio Buratto and CAMO Spa
Piazza della Repubblica 21, 20124 Milan (MI)
Tel. 0230321413 – office@camospa.it
VAT: 06923160151

Okyo is a media partner of CAMO Spa for the event VCR 2023.