Complications during phaco

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Another session on simple and even less common complications in cataract surgery. 

Experience often helps, while sometimes enthusiasm does not help in evaluating all the aspects present in the surgical field. 

  • CASE 1: Rosa Giglio – Large paracentesis and prolapse 
  •  CASE 2: Rosa Giglio – Rhexis and coughing fit 
  •  CASE 3: Rosa Giglio – Conjunctival laceration 
  •  CASE 4: Rosa Giglio – Prolapse on hydrodissection 
  •  CASE 5: Pavel Rozsival – Iris prolapse during IOL removal 
  •  CASE 6: Vittorio Picardo – Iris prolapse 

Moderator: Vittorio Picardo
Panelists: Matteo Cereda, Luca Razzano, Ahmed Assaf, Norbert Pesztenleher

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