MIGS and cataract surgery (in collaboration with Alcon)

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MIGS surgery in glaucoma represents the new first-line approach. Therefore, a session on these new possibilities of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery has been created, taking advantage of the extensive experience that Professor Ike Ahmed has gained over many years in this field of ophthalmic surgery. 

These techniques, seemingly simple and safe, actually require understanding by the surgeon in training to acquire manual skills and even more so the most appropriate clinical indications. 

The surgical session experienced in Ike Ahmed’s operating room achieved its goal through the continuous exchange of opinions between the host and the panelists, the excellent quality of the images of the surgical sequences, and the enormous availability of our expert in suggesting small practical tricks and the most advantageous techniques. 

Surgeon: Ike Ahmed (Canada)
Moderator: Lucio Buratto
Panelists: Vittorio Picardo, Daniele Tognetto

ID: 18534

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