Unplanned and unexpected complications of phaco

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  • Duration:00:31:17
  • Country:Italy
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Surgical trainees go through their training period, encountering small or sometimes larger errors in technique or in managing complications, perhaps simple but unexpected. 

The session displays various and diverse examples, highlighting both the importance of proper training and the role of the trainer. 

  • CASE 1: Conjunctival hyposphagma 
  • CASE 2: Conjunctival ballooning 
  • CASE 3: Tunnel collapse and burning 
  • CASE 4: Iridial prolapse: causes and management 
  • CASE 5: Residual rupture 
  • CASE 6: Capsular rupture and vitreous management 
  • CASE 7: Capsular rupture with hook 

Moderator: Rosa Giglio
Panelists: Matteo Cereda, Claudio Macaluso, Ahmed Assaf, Ozana Moraru 

ID: 18528

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