Privacy matters

Privacy matters to our company and we want to make sure we use your email address and mobile phone only to notify you upon new contents on this website, http://hostingokyo.eu.
Our website uses an SSL certificate to protect your data during browsing.

Please contact us via email at privacy@okyo.eu if you have any concern or if you would like to be deleted/removed from this website.

Who we are

Neovision Cliniche Oculistiche is an italian company based in Torino (TO). Neovision owns a network of ophthalmic clinics (currently) in Milan which provide healthcare services to patients and a high quality medical environment for doctors. We believe that good healthcare practice comes from deep training and learning on past experiences. That’s why Dr.Lucio Buratto, Neovision’s medical advisor, has shared his own historical video library to the okyo.eu website project.

If you need any information about your data and our company, please send an email to privacy@okyo.eu or write at info@neovision.eu

What information we collect

We collect information that you entered (name, email, phone) in order to notify you new contents and initiatives.

We also collect browsing information such as which videos are more clicked, comments, browsing history and also the videos you liked more, the videos you stored in your preferred playlist.

We use Google Analytics to analyze and track statistics and we use cookies in order to maintain your session logged in. We don’t use remarketing strategies.

What we do with your data

We anonymously analyze stored information in order to provide better contents that match the website users need’s like you.

We may also send you requests to partecipate to polls to improve our website and eventually to evaluate the interests on new contents or eventually to invite you to live events, local events or internet broadcasted events such as Videocatarattarefrattiva.

We don’t share your data

Your personal information will not be shared with any sponsoring partner or third party company.

Technical partners and service providers of Neovision and okyo.eu will access your data in orde to make the website working and available all time, to implement new features on the website.

Where do we store the data?

Data are stored in the EU community in our service provider’s database environment as stated here.

How long do we store data ?

Personal data will be stored in our database in order to provide you with the access to view videos, ie until you unsubscribe from this website.

Your rights in relation to the GDPR

Regarding your data, you have the right to access, review, delete and update the personal data stored in our website by simply writing at privacy@okyo.eu.