About Lucio Buratto, MD

Dr. Lucio Buratto, by choice and by his own definition, is a surgeon specialized in cataract and myopia surgery.

He began phacoemulsification in 1978 and the Posterior Chamber IOL implantation in 1979. Since then he has performed more than thirty thousand cataract operations.

He started refractive surgery in 1986 with keratomileusis; since then he has received numerous acknowledgments on an international level for the important innovations he has developed on myopia correction; he was the first surgeon in the world to use the excimer laser in the keratomileusis procedure and was also the first on the international scenario to perform the Lasik Down Up.

Since then he has performed more than 20.000 refractive operations.

He received 20 Awards from national and international scientific organizations and he was also nominated ‘Maestro of Italian Ophthalmology’ by the S.O.I. Italian Ophthalmology Society.

He is organizing since 1980 Videocataratta with live surgery.

He was a speaker or lecturer in more than 500 courses and conferences.

He has published 79 books on eye surgery: 11 dedicated to refractive and corneal surgery, 34 dedicated to cataract surgery, 6 dedicated to surgery of glaucoma, 28 to other subjects.